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Getting here


Walking is the cheapest form of transport! Not only is it cheap, but a brisk one mile walk in 20 minutes burns around 100 calories; so over a working week walking to work and back can burn off an entire day’s calorie intake!

To plan your walking route in and around the Colchester area, try using the following website.


Cycling has lots of benefits; it can save you money, help you get fit, isn’t subject to delay and for many journeys around town can actually be the quickest mode of travel.

Cycle maps for the region, along with a wide range of information on cycling in and around Colchester can be found at:

For cycle repairs and equipment, why not visit GO Outdoors in our very own retail park who offer a huge variety of equipment as well as expert advice?


The nearest bus stops to this site are located outside the Asda petrol station, approximately 150m from our retail units. This area is served by many different bus routes from a number of operators with a wide variety of destinations. Below you can find a general overview of the bus routes available, but for detailed and up to date timetables please visit:

Bus stop Routes Walk
Colchester, Asda 72, 73 2 mins
Petrolea Close 84B 4 mins
Bruff Close 8, 11, 61, 65, 68, 80, 81, 81A, 84 5 mins


Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. It allows people to enjoy the convenience of the car, whilst reducing the problems of congestion and pollution which are normally associated with car travel. What’s more you can share any journey… It doesn’t have to be to work and it doesn’t have to be every day.

Turner Rise Retail Park, Colchester is now listed as a destination on Essex Car Share. Additional information can be found here.

Electric Vehicles are far less polluting than Internal Combustion Engines and have many other flow on benefits for the user and community at large. Free Electric Vehicle charging points are available for our customers to use at Asda next door to the retail park.

Carwow EV Charging Area Search